Tips For A Germ-Free Kitchen

Germs are yucky, but they don’t have to be in your home if you don’t let them! The kitchen and the bathroom tend to be the highest traffic areas of the home. They often come in contact with the most germs.  Your kitchen, in particular, needs to be kept germ-free so that it’s a safe place to store and prepare food. Food borne illnesses aren’t a nice thing to endure and if you’ve ever had severe food poisoning, you know how awful it can be!

Keep Your Kitchen As Germ-Free As Possible!

Cottage-remodel-beautiful-clean-lines-kitchenMost people would love for others to think their kitchen is so clean that you can eat off the floor. But the reality is that there could be big germs lurking in your kitchen — even if it doesn’t look like it’s dirty.

As Tampa kitchen remodeling specialists, we know a thing or two about clean and dirty kitchens! We’ve seen our share of both.

Have you recently had a kitchen remodeling?  Are you hoping to start a new chapter that includes keeping it looking as gorgeous as it was as soon as it was finished?  Getting everyone into some good habits can make a difference.

The Fridge

Careful storage is important to ensure that raw meats aren’t leaking juices onto other foods, such as vegetables or deli meats.  Designating certain areas of the refrigerator for raw meats versus fresh produce is also wise. Most do their best to keep things like raw chicken well sealed. But go an extra step by keeping it at the bottom of the fridge. Same goes for anything that leaks! Be sure to sanitize and wipe the inside of your fridge often!

The Counters

Keeping kitchen spray handy makes a big difference whether you’ve got expensive marble countertops or less expensive materials. May we suggest Clorox Green Works Spray? This spray is made with biodegradable cleaning ingredients that are plant-based, which means you and your family aren’t breathing in toxic chemicals! It’s also an all-purpose spray that works great for cleaning your kitchen!

Disinfect your cutting boards and your counter tops regularly, even if you don’t think that juice from meat has leaked. Consider purchasing several cutting boards so that you can make use of some exclusively for chopping vegetables and others for chopping raw meat. Remember, even vegetables and fruits can carry bacteria, too. So equal time spent disinfecting your vegetable cutting board is important!  Beyond cleaning the worktop surface, frequently cleaning the fronts and insides of the kitchen cabinets will help maximize their lifespan, keeping them looking good longer!

The Sink

The sink may have water running constantly but that’s not necessarily enough for a germ free zone. Regularly disinfecting it will keep germs and smells out of the way. Also be sure to have some place to hang up your cloth or sponges.  Replace them often; sponges and wash cloths can harbor a lot of bacteria!

Whether you’re a customer of MDesign USA who has had a kitchen remodeling done or are interested in beautifying your kitchen, it’s a good idea to do more than your daily clean-up. Consider scheduling a once a week or once a month deep cleaning (depending on how much use your kitchen gets). On an annual basis, consider pulling everything out of your kitchen cupboards and drawers and doing some de-cluttering, disinfecting, and re-organizing. If you haven’t used anything in 6 months, throw it out!

With these tips, you can make your kitchen a germ-free space. You may also enjoy checking out 18 Easy Kitchen Organizing Tips!