A Primary Checklist for Baby Proofing Your Kitchen

Baby Proof These Areas of Your Home

The kitchen may be the heart of the home and the main gathering place for family and friends. However, it also can be one of the primary danger zone in your home for babies. Whether you are moving into a new home or remodeling your kitchen, identify key areas that require baby proofing.

Stoves and Ovens

With typical kitchen remodeling, our Tampa clients look into new stoves and /or ovens. With both built-in and stand-alone models, install door locks. This way you can prevent an exploring baby or curious toddler from burning or trapping themselves. In addition, either remove the stove control knobs or install baby- proof knob protectors to keep them from turning the controls. Installing a stove guard might be helpful too. Be sure to practice safe cooking by using only the back burners and turning pot handles away from reaching hands.


Dishwashers can present several hazards for babies and toddlers. Dishwasher soap can be poisonous while the utensils within reaching range can harm your children. This can happen with items such as knives and glassware. Install a lock on the dishwasher if your model does not already have a built-in childproof lock. In addition, make it a practice to store your utensils upside down, just in case you forget to lock the dishwasher.


A refrigerator lock is necessary and not only does it keep them from grabbing food they should not be eating, it also helps prevent them from removing breakable storage and food containers. On a side note, you should remove all refrigerator magnets or at least place them far out of reach, even for toddlers learning how to walk. They could choke on them.


baby-proof-kitchenEvery cabinet waist level and below offers hazards to curious babies. Child locks should be installed on each one, especially if the cabinets contain any harmful items such as dish soap, household pesticides and poisons. Drawers should also have child locks on them. Even if they cannot reach inside to grab the utensils or other items, the drawers could easily slam into their heads, causing injury. When you install kitchen cabinets during new home construction or renovations, keep these potential hazards in mind.


Any items stored on countertops should be pushed back as far as possible, especially power cords. Small children and babies could pull on them and bring an appliance down on their heads. If you are like most people, you have spices, medicines and knives on your countertops. When locking away these items is not feasible, make sure they are well out of reach, even with step stools.

Other Tips and Ideas…

Some other ideas in keeping with baby-proofing techniques include keeping a fire extinguisher accessible for adults. Avoid hanging towels on cabinet doors and oven door handles because if you forget to latch the childproof locks, your baby or toddler could use the towel to open these doors and be exposed to possible danger.

If installing a baby gate at the entrance of the kitchen is not an option, make sure all the above baby-proofing options are taken. With your Tampa kitchen remodeling, perhaps you could create one cabinet that is accessible for your child and fill it with items that are not harmful. This could keep their interest safely and satisfy their curiosity and their need to be near you. Of course, no childproofing product is 100 percent effective, so it is important to have adult supervision at all times for your babies and toddlers.

If you’re looking to remodel your Tampa kitchen, we’d be happy to help you make great design and functionality a priority while also helping you with baby-proofing, too. Contact MDesignUSA today!